Service at Deniliquin Auto Electrical

From  Deniliquin Auto Electrical we can travel to your property and fix your header, water pump or other stationary engines that can't get to us and offer a repair service, peace of mind that your electrical problems will be solved. We also have the expertise needed to identify and locate problems in your trucks, vans  and even Winnebagos and get you back on the road sooner rather than later.

Our workshop is fully equiped to handle all manner of buses,trucks,cars,vans,mowers,                chainsaws, small engines,pumps,generators,gas guns and the list goes on and on.

As Honda, Husqvarna,Allpower,Victa,Cigweld,                                                                                          Exid,Delcor Briggs & Stratton agents( just to name a few) we have access to all spare parts and are servicing agents for all your quality machinery.

On the floor

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On our showroom floor we have Deniliquin's largest display of push and ride on mowers. We carry the premium brands such as Honda,Husqvarna and Victa and will collect and deliver your mower to your home. We service what we sell and pride ourselves on customer servce.

Our range of Husqvarna ride on mowers is extensive from a small 30'' cut to the large Zero Turn mower with a  60''cut. Husqvara also have a new range of push mowers new to Australia and as always their chainsaws are very popular.

Honda is renown as a quaility product and we sell them to customers who want a long lasting mower that "starts first evey time". The usual rule for a Honda product is choose wisely because you'll have it for at least 15 years, as they are built tough for Australian conditions.

Victa is a house hold name and we carry over 10 different models to  suit any price range and unlike chain stores we start your mower, fuel it and test it before it leaves our shop. We are service agents for Briggs and Stratton engines so can give the right advise on which mower suits your needs.

Allpower products include the famous Echo brand and also super swift utility  mowers are very popular.

Deni Ducklights

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Our award winning Deni Ducklights are made on site with high quality materials and components and are a proven duck deterent.

The lights automatically activate at dusk and work on a  6 minute cycle where the light and siren come on for 1 minute then off for 5 minutes. This noise and sound combination have saved many hectares of rice and scared many ducks off to other places.

The Deni Ducklight is environmentally friendly, fully portable and when not in the paddock it can be used to charge any other batteries or run an electric fence.

We have many happy customers who have used  Deni Ducklights to of course scare ducks, but also kangaroos and even foxes from lambing ewes.

Deni Ducklights are a multi purpose piece of farm equipment and during spring highly sort after , so early orders will be sure to be filled in time for rice planting.